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The Fun Ride is made for the person that wants to catch a lot of waves with little effort.

Ride this board in a variety of waves from small and mushy up to some overhead beach breaks.

Great for anyone that wants to still have the shortboard feel and catch a ton of waves. Not an Egg, not a Fish but we just call it a Funboard.

Dimensions: 6’0″ – 8’0″

Tail: Round Tail

Fin Set up: Futures tri-fin set up

Color: Clear

Finish: Sanded

Layup: 4 on the bottom and 4+4 on top for boards up to 7’0 & 4 on the bottom and 6+4 on top for boards over 7’0

☞ Choose a “Culture Signature” Board Bag to keep your new Fun Ride safe:

5’6 ~ 7’0 Fun Ride “Culture Signature” Board Bags

7’6 ~ 8’0 Fun Ride “Culture Signature” Board Bags


Length Width Thickness Volume (L)
6’0” 21.5 2.8 38.87
6’2” 21.5 2.8 39.95
6’4” 21.5 2.8 41.03
6’6” 21.8 2.8 42.11
6’8” 21.8 2.8 43.19
6’10” 22 3 48.31
7’0” 22 3 49.49
7’2” 22 3 50.61
7’4” 22.5 3 53.02
7’6” 22.5 3 54.23
7’8” 22.5 3.2 58.89
7’10” 22.8 3.2 60.97
8’0” 22.8 3.2 62.27

FREE PICK UP IN OCEANSIDE AT OUR SHOP. By Appointment. Just text or call Toby Ogden at 760 845 1983. Our address is 462 Via Del Norte, Oceanside, CA 92058




Additional information

Weight 50 lbs

6'0, 6'2, 6'4, 6'6, 6'8, 6'10, 7'0, 7'2, 7'4, 7'6, 7'8, 7'10, 8'0

5 reviews for Culture Fun Ride Model

  1. Andy

    very happy with this purchase…a sweet board that is pure fun just like it says – and Toby was a great to deal with too – middle-aged short-boarder 5’8″/155 lbs looking to catch a lot more waves but still have decent maneuverability vs my old 6’5″ thruster – I settled on the 6’8″ and I’m glad I did..took it out in clean 1-2 ft Oceanside beachbreak – it paddles easily, and I caught more waves in 15 minutes than I did all week with my thruster and had longer rides too!

  2. Melissa

    transitioning from a long board to a 6’4 fish and I absolutely love it! Lots of volume and a good rocker to catch smaller waves too. Toby was the best at helping me pick out a correct size based on my skill level (I wanted to go bigger and so glad I didn’t). I am pretty new to surfing 5’6 and 140 lbs, once I got the hang of the sweet spot I’m having so much fun and improving quickly. Highly recommend and good quality!

    • culturesurfboards

      Im so stoked its working good for you!

  3. Justin

    This shape is crazy FUN…I have this board in a 6’0, 6’2, 6’4, 6’10 and a 6’10 single fin, but I find I catch so many waves on the 6’10 that I surf it 90% of the time, paddles into waves super easy and is actually really responsive for a longer board. Definitely a good addition to any quiver.

    • culturesurfboards

      your 6’6″ should be ready tomorrow!

  4. Chad

    Bought an 8’ Fun Ride as a transition down from a longboard for steeper beach break waves.
    Following the formula of (your weight in kg)/2 ~ your ideal board volume in liters, this 62L board adds a little extra float for my low skill level. In trim, it still glides pretty well when I paddle, but it’s small enough that I’m figuring out how to duck dive it.
    I’ve committed to riding nothing but this board for at least a few months, and really like it. I can sink the rounded tail in a more critical face than I would have been able to make on my 9’6”. I think it will be my go-to board for chest-high and up.
    Thanks, Toby.

  5. Guy Larsen

    Im 59 years old, 5 ft 11in 235lbs. Surf longboards everyday…literally. bought a 7ft10in funride from Toby and my son got a 7ft 2 in funride. We both ars super happy with the boards. My opinion….smoking hot deal on these boards.

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