Culture Composite TRX 10″ Center Fin


Culture Surfboards NEW Hatchet 9″ Center Fin

An upright center fin for more pivot that is ideal for nose riding and maneuverability.

☞ Comes with a fin pouch and finbox screw.
☞ Solid fiberglass material.
  • Base: 142mm
  • Height /Depth: 229mm (9″)
  • Width/Rake: 210mm
  • Foil: 50/50
  • Material: Fiberglass
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Culture Surfboards Composite TRX 10″ Center Fin

☞ Comes with finbox screw
☞ Black color
  • Base: 157mm
  • Height /Depth: 254mm (10″)
  • Width/Rake: 245mm
  • Material: Composite nylon

Fin Theory 101:

DRIVE & ACCELERATION: The larger the base, the more drive and acceleration. This is the measurement “Base”.

DEPTH: This is the height of the fin. The more depth, the more holding effect the fin will have on the board. This is the measurement “Depth”.

PIVOT: The more sweep or rake on a fin, the less pivot feel a board will have. The more upright, the more pivot. This is the measurement “Width/Rake”

MATERIAL: Various materials are used for fins. RTM Honeycomb, Carbon, Carbon/Honeycomb, fiberglass and composite nylon/plastic are the main options available.



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